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Support for women's fertility

Even if the amount of sperm is sufficient, a woman does not always manage to get pregnant, often because of a hidden deficiency of nutrients. In this case, amino acid mixtures can significantly increase her chances of pregnancy.

A successful pregnancy needs two important hormones: follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), responsible for the growth and development of the ovaries, and a luteinizing hormone regulating ovulation. Both these hormones consist of long amino acid chains. Of course, a complete and balanced supply of all essential amino acids is vital for the synthesis of hormone molecules. Cysteine is an important part of both hormones and is contained in them in large quantities, so this amino acid is very important.

In addition to cysteine, vitamin C contributes to the replenishment of the ovaries (especially when they grow under the influence of FSH), and vitamin E is important for maintaining the membrane structure of genital cells together with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Nutraceutical program for female infertility should be formed very subtly, taking into account the individual needs of the woman.

Nevertheless, you can follow the basic program.

We recommend to combine the intake of amino acids with a program of physical activity


1. Women's fertility support protocol

2. IMS Food Protocol

3. Affiliate Physical Self-Help Program


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