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IMS (Individual Metabolic Support Program)

The metabolism of our body is subject to strict biochemical rules and mechanisms. It is based on the exchange of amino acids. It should be understood that it is impossible to find two identical people and we have different ailments, as well as the paths leading to them. The IMS (Individual Metabolic Support) program is aimed at determining the patient specific support for each individual, taking into account their individual needs and noted difficulties. This ideology is reflected in a series of amino acid products of the Quantum series that have different uses. The uniqueness of the products is that they can be taken in various program combinations, and each program will have its own special effect.

At the same time we would like to note that the Program is not intended to treat or diagnose diseases.

All the materials presented below are purely informative and advisory.

Option 1

Interactive protocol for individual recommendations

For the optimal effect of using Quantum compositions, we ask you to fill out survey forms. The results will be the basis for your individual program for 3 months.

Option 2

Protocol on a topic of interest to you

Read the information on the proposed set of protocols in the "Protocols" menu or in the "How it works" section. Choose the one that you think is most important and useful for you. You may find that you need to use several protocols at the same time. Please do not rush – you can move from protocol to protocol in order of importance to you. Use the protocol for 3 months.

Option 3

Your personal product selection

Read the Quantum product series. You can choose one or several. We recommend taking them for 3 months.


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