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Good to know 

What you need to know about amino acids

Amino acids are natural substances found in our body. According to Oparin-Haldane theory, life on our planet originated from a protein molecule. It is these chemical compounds that are the basis of all life that exists today.

20% of the human body is made up of protein. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the body and for the harmonious work of all systems. The building block of the protein is the amino acid, the organic compound necessary for constructing the structure of the cell. But only 8 of them are used for the production of our own proteins, therefore they are called irreplaceable amino acids ...

Side effects and contraindications for amino acids
Phenylketonuria and phenylalanine
A direct contraindication to the use of phenylalanine and DLPA is the genetic disease phenylketonuria. It is based on the inability of the body to produce an enzyme responsible for the conversion of the amino acid phenylalanine to tyrosine, which is the first stage of adrenaline synthesis.
What combination should you take?
If you have ever noticed that a certain diet or specific products improve your state of health more than others, then you have first-hand knowledge of how food directly affects health. Or if you have ever excluded certain foods from the diet (sugar, soy, farinaceous dishes) and started to feel better, you also understand how important nutrition is for our health. With amino acids, this effectiveness is enhanced, but we have to find out exactly which combinations will be helpful to you.
How long to take?
Please take  Quantum amino acid combinations  at least for 3 months, even if you feel better immediately after taking. You can do a break between courses for 2 - 3 month  or, if you prefer, take it  continuously not exceeding the maximum allowable quantity. When you achive the physiological way of  nutrition and physical activity,  amino acid support will not necessary or you will take them as needed.


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