Quantum IMS uporablja piškotke za izboljšanje vaše izkušnje na tej spletni strani. Piškotki vam omogočajo uporabo določenih funkcionalnosti na naši strani, nam pa pomagajo pri razvoju in snovanju vsebin. Z nadaljnjo uporabo naše strani se strinjate z uporabo naših piškotkov.
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What is special about IMS protocols?

IMS is a naturopathic method for correcting the imbalance of neurotransmitter activity and metabolism. It was created taking into account the biochemical processes of human body, making possible what everyone is striving for – individual assistance in restoring or improving one's own cerebral and somatic chemical processes. This is achieved through the use of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, dietary correction and exercise.

IMS programs are universal and at the same time individual, used for both adults and children. Therefore, they are the best helpers for the whole family.

For most people using the IMS protocols, good results are achieved by:

  • Normalization of the balance of nutrients necessary for the synthesis of one's own neurotransmitters, proteins and amino acids.
  • Epigenetic regulation using precisely focused nutrient protocols.
  • Reduction of free-radical oxidative stress.
  • Reduction of the toxic load on the cells.
  • Release of the body's own protective and regenerative resources.

The main advantage of the IMS program is the absence of side effects that are commonly inherent in xenobiotic drugs. Our approach uses natural chemicals, rather than foreign molecules, that cause pathological reactions in the brain and other tissues. The IMS biochemical program can be successfully used together with many drugs, as it is very adaptive and provides many opportunities to improve the functioning of the body.

Sources for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and proteins are amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other natural substances. The level of these “ingredients” is well regulated in most people, but various anomalies, toxic and infectious processes can lead to their deficiency or excess. As a result, the concentration of nutrients can also change, leading to serious disorders. The IMS program helps to normalize the level of neurotransmitters in the central and peripheral nervous system, supports all organs and systems of the body in working condition.




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