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Welcome to the IMS Healthy Eating Protocol!

The IMS protocol offers useful and tasty recipes for your normal eating. There are no diets here. We will simply teach you to cook tasty and healthy food that strengthens your health. With the help of Quantum amino acid mixtures and offered recipes you will easily move to the physiological food corridor and will not feel deprived. In addition to the main courses, we offer you a huge selection of amazing sweet desserts that will not cause you any harm.

Some of these recipes may seem like a well-known classic. But they have been changed to bring more benefits to your health. Here you will also find completely new recipes. They are all very tasty.

Healthy food can be different for different people: for some, this is the absence of sugar, for others, the replacement of classic dairy products with alternative ones.

The nutritional scheme we propose will gradually remove from your table foods containing gluten, casein, fast carbohydrates, trans fats, and other substances that are not healthy.

IMS protocol takes into account taste preferences of people who are on a standard diet and will not cause a feeling of deprivation of certain types of dishes to which you are accustomed. It's just that our dishes, especially pastries, are made from healthy products and are cooked using a special technology.

We just need to remember that even healthy food has a calorage. Cook, eat often, but in small portions.

Presented dishes will be healthy for you, your family and friends. This is food for the whole family.





This book is a free gift to any IMS protocol.


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