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Amino acids and health

Daily Detox
The degree of poisoning of the body depends on the amount of toxins ingested and detoxification capabilities of the body.

The civilization created and developed by us is two-faced. The international convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons has long been adopted. Tough measures are taken, even at the slightest suspicion of the threat of use of poisonous substances.
Overcoming the stress
We are faced with more and more stress in our lives, stress leads to sleep disorders, stomach ulcer, increased blood pressure, asthma, migraines and many other disorders. Prolonged or severe stress also leads to premature aging and the development of degenerative diseases. Stress devastates your body depriving it of beneficial nutrients, as a robber devastates a bank.
Fighting aging

The desire to live long, to look young, to stay away from illnesses is a natural desire of everyone .

What are age-related changes and what kind of changes are they? A characteristic feature of people of riper years is a decrease in the functional activity of the digestive system.
Amino-acid answer to heart diseases
The good condition and effective work of your heart and circulatory system depends on your lifestyle. Tobacco, alcohol, malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle are the main enemies of your cardiovascular system. They deprive cells of oxygen and vitamins, increase the level of toxins in your body, affecting the organs, cause an increase in blood pressure.
Catching and neutralizing free radicals
Free radicals are the most common substances that cause significant harm to health. For example, polluted air and drinking water, household chemicals, which we can not exclude from our daily lives, lead to the formation of free radicals. Radiation and ultraviolet are also  amongst the main causes of the free radicals formation, leading to serious diseases or tissue damage.
Support for male fertility
One of the most common problems is the small amount of sperm. Over the past decades, the amount of sperm in men in the West has dramatically decreased. The objective fact is that 100 years ago the amount of spermatozoa was 100 million per cubic centimeter, and today it is 25 million. The next critical level is sterilization. Many men today have this critical level.
Support for women's fertility
Even if the amount of sperm is sufficient, a woman does not always manage to get pregnant, often because of a hidden deficiency of nutrients. In this case, amino acid mixtures can significantly increase her chances of pregnancy.
Improving digestion
Digestion is the fundamental basis of metabolism. Digestion maintains a balance between intake and consumption. When digestion is disturbed, this balance is broken and it can cause very serious diseases that you have probably not even thought of. Your diet can be healthy, balanced with the right proportion of proteins, vitamins and trace elements that your body needs.
Improving memory
How often do you notice that it's hard for you to remember the person’s name when you see a familiar face; to find a word or remember the title of a book or a movie? Remember those unpleasant moments when you could not remember whether or not you had turned off the iron, the stove, and whether or not the water tap was turned off? For many people it has become an major issue in their day to day life.
Help for herpes attack
Due to their unique ability to strengthen our natural defenses, amino acids are probably one of the best-known and effective ways to combat this infection. The amino acid formula can be of considerable help even to people who are already infected.
Strengthening the immune system
A large body of evidence has been collected indicating that the addition of individual amino acids to the diet in special proportions improves the immune status, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality.
Improving attention with amino acids
Some amino acids can be useful to you, even if you are cognitively and emotionally healthy. For example, sometimes you may have lower concentration or attention than usual, or on some days you may be unable to concentrate well enough and memorize simple facts. Amino acids can help you during such days.
Getting rid of allergy
These days, allergies are one of the main issues affecting people. Many experts in this field believe that allergic mechanisms are the base of many diseases from arthritis to cancer. By Comparison, traditional medicine treats an individual symptom or struggles with individual allergens instead of figuring out why this person has an allergic reaction.


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