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Daily Detox

The degree of poisoning of the body depends on the amount of toxins ingested and detoxification capabilities of the body.

The civilization created and developed by us is two-faced. The international convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons has long been adopted. Tough measures are taken, even at the slightest suspicion of the threat of use of poisonous substances. But every inhabitant of our planet and even unborn children are subject to constant "chemical attacks" from our environment. Sensible people oppose this, write petitions, go to demonstrations. And we continue to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, we buy, rather than grow food in the wilderness, drink bottled water, use household chemicals, drive cars, fly airplanes, use electronic devices, surround ourselves with plastic objects or items, and even protest posters about environmental protection we write with chemical paints and felt-tip pens.

Let's move directly to the physiology. Most organs of our body are busy cleansing the body of toxins (as long as they can do this). Because the detoxification organs themselves need to be cleansed and fed. When their reserve capacity is exhausted, the body begins to collapse. Sooner or later this happens to any person, but for different reasons and at different times. We will try to teach you how to move it to the latest possible date.

Most often, the early onset of poisoning with an excess of toxins in the body occurs for three main reasons:

  1.  Disorders in nutrition and digestion (self-poisoning)
  2.  Infectious and parasitic diseases (infectious intoxication)
  3.  The increase in toxic load of the body due to the abundant ingress of toxic substances from the environment (chemical and heavy metals intoxication)
  4.  Stress
  5.  Radiation and radiofrequency contamination

Many of you do not even feel that with apparently fresh tasty foods, crystal clear and tasty water invisible harmful substances enter your body, they quietly accumulate in tissues, slowly undermining your body from the inside. And then, even with the slightest exertion, stress, or infection, the severe symptoms of various diseases develop rapidly.

Children differ from adults in that they rapidly grow and develop, and their need for nutrients and energy is many times higher than in adults. And if the child has already been subjected to chemical attacks in the mother’s abdomen, then born with weak, incompletely formed or poorly functioning organs and systems, he becomes easily vulnerable to all external factors acting on him, ranging from the usual ones like temperature, pressure, gravity to the same old toxins, bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. The liver and kidneys, which perform the excretory and disinfecting function, overflow with toxins themselves and cannot cope with the task, and they, after all, also need to grow and develop. The circulatory and lymphatic systems also do not pump enough fluids, increasing stagnation and deposition of harmful substances.

Chemicals foreign to the body are called xenobiotics (from Greek xenos – alien, bios – life). These toxins, like many substances, are transformed into others, and are modified and this process is called xenobiotic metabolism. Special biochemical reactions in the body turn fat-soluble components into water-soluble components, and they are eliminated from the body through urine, sweat, and respiration. Another part of the fat-soluble toxins can be excreted with feces.

Six organs are involved in cleaning the body of toxins, these are the liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, skin, lungs and lymphatic system.

The uppermost among the cleansing organs is the liver, the process of neutralizing harmful substances in it is completely dependent on nutrients. Thus, any causes leading to nutrient depletion of the liver directly worsen, along with others, this function. If you eat partially prepared and refined food, if your process of digestion and absorption is disturbed, if you already have chronic inflammatory diseases, circulatory disorders, – all of them, together and separately, impede and disturb the cleaning function of the liver. The liver resembles a large sponge, which absorbs toxins, processes them, turning part of the fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble substances, which are excreted in urine, sweat and respiration. If the liver is not able to inactivate toxins, then they begin to be deposited in the body, primarily in fatty tissue, which is a repository of toxic waste, in the subcutaneous tissue. Toxins accumulate the fastest in the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Because the nervous system is rich in fats, which are an important component of various tissues of the nervous system.

Actually, the liver is a very versatile organ, despite the fact that it looks like a big brown pillow. It performs about 500 different functions. The liver produces about a liter of bile per day, filters about 2,000 liters of blood per day. It synthesizes amino acids, proteins, coagulation factors, etc.

It is clear that for such a load it must have a huge functional reserve. Remember the legend, how an eagle flew every morning to the chained Prometheus and pecked his liver, and in the course of the night it recovered. And this is a scientific fact – the liver cells have a pronounced ability to recover. And if even the liver is malfunctioning – this indicates a very serious problem, and not only in the liver itself. At first, this is manifested by a digestive disorder, a fat digestion disorder, metabolic slowdown, and a craving for sweets. Then there is a decrease in attention, memory, as well as migraines, abdominal pain, fatigue, the skin becomes bad, hormonal and immune disorders occur.

Detoxification of drugs and other toxins is a two-phase process occurring in the liver. The first phase is the formation of new modified substances (so-called intermediate metabolites), which are often more toxic than the original substance. The purpose of this phase: through a variety of biochemical processes (oxidation, reduction, hydration, hydrolysis, etc.), it is necessary to change the structure of toxins in order to add some elements to them.

In phase 2, much more biochemical reactions occur (sulfation, glucuronization, methylation, glutathione binding, acetylation, amino acid conjugation) with intermediate metabolites, which, with the help of enzymes, are converted into water-soluble substances excreted in urine, bile, stool, sweat, and respiration. If in phase 2 the metabolism is insufficient or the elimination process of the formed substances is insufficient, they will begin to destroy the body.

The same dose of a toxin may not have a significant effect on one person, but be detrimental to another. This is the fundamental principle of toxicology – an individual response to a dose. Individual susceptibility to toxins is determined by individual ability for biotransformation (transformation of toxins into less dangerous substances), detoxification and elimination of both toxins entered the body from the environment and those formed during metabolism in the body.

You need to accept the fact that the detox should not be a course or periodic procedure, but a permanent process throughout each day of your life. After all, we are continuously under action of harmful chemicals. And health is undermined not at the moment when the first symptom appears, but long before that. Small daily doses of various toxins have a cumulative effect, disrupting metabolic processes. Various toxins have a synergistic effect (reinforcing the effect of each other) and entering the body in non-toxic dosages they have a total effect which is more toxic than effects of individual toxins.

Toxins are everywhere around us in everyday life. It is impossible to avoid contact with them. They enter our body in meager amounts and their impact is initially not noticeable when compared with some chemical production or an environmental disaster zone, where the danger is obvious. But, nevertheless, their daily and hourly entry into the body, imperceptibly, but inevitably undermines us from the inside. They lead to significant health problems:

  •  overweight
  •  obesity
  •  thyroid diseases
  •  diabetes
  •  hypertension
  •  oncological diseases
  •  low energy level
  •  allergies
  •  hormonal disorders
  •  infertility
  •  autoimmune diseases
  •  autism
  •  attention deficit disorder
  •  dyslexia
  •  mental retardation
  •  mental deficiency, etc.

Do not ask, "Are there toxins in me?" – one must ask, "How much of them are in me?" Realize only one thing – we have to carry out daily detoxification activities for ourselves and our children in order to survive in this fight.

Quantum Daily Detox Protocol aims to restore the balance between your environment and the main physiological processes in your body. We hope that it will provide you with the key to restoring your cells and strengthening your health.


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