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What combination should you take?

If you have ever noticed that a certain diet or specific products improve your state of health more than others, then you have first-hand knowledge of how food directly affects health. Or if you have ever excluded certain foods from the diet (sugar, soy, farinaceous dishes) and started to feel better, you also understand how important nutrition is for our health. With amino acids, this effectiveness is enhanced, but we have to find out exactly which combinations will be helpful to you. To do this, you need to assess your overall health, your individual symptoms and correlate them with the mechanisms of actions of certain amino acid mixtures.

Option 1 - Recommended programs

To achieve the optimum result from the basic wide application Quantum compositions, we will ask you to fill out the questionnaires. The results obtained will help you choose the amino acid program, and you will become familiar with the mechanism of action of all the components.

After that, please, carefully read the section "Safety and contraindications" to have full confidence that you have no contraindications for the components of amino acid mixtures.

Please remember that you will be taking supplemental nutrition, not medicine, in fact, you are just changing your diet.

Option 2 - Your personal choice

Please choose an amino acid combination of the proposed amino acid mixtures of the Quantum series.

Option 3 - A program for the problem you are concerned withRead the information on the main problems.
Try to start with the program that most closely matches your main problem. You may find that you need several programs simultaneously to get the desired result, but we recommend not to hurry and go through the programs one after another.


It is best to start with 1 capsule 3-4 times a day, and then gradually increase the dosage until you feel that it helps you. But remember that if you decide to consume more than 10 grams of amino acids every day, you need to seek professional advice from your doctor or nutritionist. Side effects of taking amino acids are possible only if the daily dose is exceeded manifold (by several times). Vitamins and mineral cofactors will often be included in the mixture, but sometimes they must be taken in other dosages or combinations as separate pills.


You can take mixtures of amino acids at any time of the day or night. However, to get the maximum effect, take them on an empty stomach. This is necessary because if you take them with food or just before or after a meal, they will have to compete for absorption in the intestine with other substances. It is optimal to take a mixture of amino acids an hour after a meal and at least 15 minutes before a meal.

How amino acids will be used and what metabolic processes they will participate in, ultimately depends on the needs of the body at a given moment. Amino acid support provides a direction for optimal, fast and safe self-healing of the body.

Achieving the "ideal balance of the body" is the normalization of the functioning of all organs and systems through the individual IMS plan, and you will say the last goodbye to illnesses, any unwanted anxieties, depressions, overweight, irrepressible craving for sweet, farinaceous dishes, starch, alcohol and even medicines.


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