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Support for male fertility

One of the most common problems is the small amount of sperm. Over the past decades, the amount of sperm in men in the West has dramatically decreased. The objective fact is that 100 years ago the amount of spermatozoa was 100 million per cubic centimeter, and today it is 25 million. The next critical level is sterilization. Many men today have this critical level.

Amino acids can become a "life buoy" in this situation. Two substances were found in the semen: spermine and spermidine. The intake of combined Quantum mixtures containing precursors of these substances increases the amount of sperm in almost all cases and enhances the sperm motility. It is very important that the sperm can quickly reach the ovum and fertilize it. There is only thing that we would like to draw your attention to: this effect quickly decreases when you stop taking amino acid mixtures.

We recommend to combine the intake of amino acids with a program of physical activity



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