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Improving attention with amino acids

Some amino acids can be useful to you, even if you are cognitively and emotionally healthy. For example, sometimes you may have lower concentration or attention than usual, or on some days you may be unable to concentrate well enough and memorize simple facts. Amino acids can help you during such days.

The effectiveness of the brain can be increased with the help of one of the Quantum mixtures. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that our body needs to get rid of ammonia, a highly toxic chemical compound. If ammonia accumulates in the body, it causes irritability, nausea, vomiting, tremor, hallucinations. Ammonia is formed in the body due to the destruction of waste proteins, a natural and continuous metabolic process in the body. Wherever protein is used in our body, ammonia will necessarily be present.

About 25% of all metabolic activity of our body takes place in the brain, and accordingly ammonia concentrates more in the brain than in other places. Even a minimal decrease in glutamine causes a proportional increase in the ammonia content leading to fatigue, confusion, inability to concentrate, frequent changes of mood.

Glutamine, which is one of the components of a mixture of amino acids, easily passes through the blood-brain barrier, which protects our brain cells from toxins circulating in the blood. Once in the brain, glutamine is converted to glutamic acid, and, having recombined with ammonia, again turns into glutamine.

The brain can use glutamine as glucose, as an energy source. The intake of glutamine is similar to refueling the brain. This will not only allow you to feel healthier, but will also increase your efficiency. In our studies, students and schoolchildren who took amino acid mixtures with glutamine in the evening were better at concentrating on homework, they could study for a much longer time without feeling tired. In contrast to taking caffeine contained in tea or coffee or energy drinks, amino acids support the metabolic processes of the brain in a natural way. You feel more active when you take amino acids, because they do not block vital processes, but strengthen and nourish them, as opposed to caffeine, which causes unnatural excitement for which you pay with your health.

If you feel drowsy, slow, loss of enthusiasm, if it is difficult for you to focus, take amino acid combinations.

We recommend to combine the intake of amino acids with a program of physical activity


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