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Help for herpes attack

Due to their unique ability to strengthen our natural defenses, amino acids are probably one of the best-known and effective ways to combat this infection. The amino acid formula can be of considerable help even to people who are already infected.

Our metabolism consists of two parts: anabolic and catabolic. Knowing how these processes affect us, we can manage them, literally tearing the infection apart.

Anabolic and catabolic processes are going on continuously in our life cycle. When we are in the anabolic phase, our body is growing and recovering. Recovery of tissues, wound healing and muscle growth occur during the anabolic phase. But at the same time this process of the life cycle can harm us. For example, the growth of tumors, moles is also supported by this phase.

The same applies to herpes, because the virus attack on the nerve cells and the skin surface is also based on the anabolic process. The IMS program will help organize a process that changes the biochemical balance in the opposite direction, toward catabolism, into the phase of decay, which is opposed to the anabolic phase of the virus attack.

However, it should be remembered that if you do not want to suffer from herpes, you need to take care of your health. You need good digestion, emotions should be controlled and you must withstand stress without the danger of reducing nutrients in your metabolic processes. The natural immune system is the best weapon against the virus. Undoubtedly, the metabolic energy of amino acids opens the door to health and longevity. Special Quantum amino acid combinations help the body strengthen catabolic defense and stop the spread of herpetic infection.

We recommend to combine the intake of amino acids with a program of physical activity


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